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Value Added Tea
Decaffeinated Tea

Decaffeinated Tea India and China are fast emerging as a low cost hub for various manufacturing activities and toll processing of tea wherein caffeine is solvent extracted is no different altogether. India holds the competitive advantage because of strict food safety laws and consistent and reliable quality offered by Indian vendors.

AVT as a group is a prominent player in beverage industry in India and their unquestionable expertise in tea has led to various synergistic research and development activities which helped AVT NPL gaining stronghold in decaffeinated tea segment. We have successfully invested in solvent based extraction wherein caffeine is removed without compromising tea quality. Today with processing capacity of 7000 MT and actual capacity much more than that, we are one of the largest toll processor of teas in India. Our customer base include global tea majors like Harris Freeman.

Our dedicated decaffeination plant and our inbuilt thrust on Quality, Food Safety and GMP practices assures world class products for the customers.     

Green Tea
  • Beverage Grade-Polyphenols 35% to 45% (Catechins 20% to 30%, EGCG 5 % to 15%)
    • Green tea extract with high caffeine(20% to 80%)-Thermogenic
  • Nutraceutical Grade- Polyphenols 85% to 95%(Catechins 65% to 75%,EGCG 40% to 45%)
  • Application  as antioxidant in food-EGCG 45%
    • Meat Industry,Oil Industry,Cosmetics,Oral Hygeine
Instant Black Tea
  • Instant Black Tea –cold water soluble-Iced tea
  • Instant Black Tea –hot water soluble
Decaffeinated Tea
Green Tea
Instant Black Tea
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