Quality - Food Safety Global Excellence
Our Certifications speak Volumes on our superiority.
Quality has been a hallmark for all our products. We have been following ethical business principles of quality and customer satisfaction to deliver the best to our valuable customers. We have a quality management workforce to stringently check the quality standards. Our first and foremost concern is to provide quality products to our valued clients.

At AVT NPL quality consciousness is not limited to our labs. The Quality Assurance / Quality control activities starts from the Raw Material and other auxiliary materials used in the process.

Strict inspection for Specifications through various tests. Process discharge on conformity.
Constant monitoring on In-Process activities. Instant feedback to the production team for controlling the process.

Quality checks for Specification requirements on all finished goods and despatch upon compliance.
Customer & Country Specification requirements are scrutinized and updated recurrently.
Our qualified team guarantees appropriate opinion on Technical Queries from Customers.
State of the art Laboratory with various modern instruments to carry out the various Quality Checks such as Active Ingredient analysis, Residual Solvent Analysis, Microbial analysis, Aflatoxin analysis, Pesticide Residue analysis etc.

A well- resourced lab with Gas Chromatography, HPLCs (one with Fluorescence Detector). GCM'S with library of 150,000 compounds.

Superior testing facilities to detect
Pesticides Residue analytical methods Capable of detecting 26 molecules of Organo chlorine and 15 molecules of Organo Phosphorous components.

Aflatoxin analysis : With a highly sensitive HPLC with Kobra cell to detect various isomers of Aflatoxin at 0.5 ppb levels.

Ochratoxin –A analysis : With a highly sensitive HPLC to detect at 3 ppb levels.

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