Processing plant
AVT Natural has a highly flexible extraction facility with two large continuous extraction plants that can process up to 100 metric tons of raw material per day, medium sized batch plant that can process about 4 metric tons of raw materials per day and small pilot plants that can process just 15 Kg per day. This varying throughputs give the plant flexibility to cater various customer volumes. No customer is turned away, however small his order may be.

We never used any chlorinated solvents for the spice Oleo extraction and determined to be so in the future too. We have withstood the pressures from the market for cheaper pricing and are determined to stick to all the food safety policies starting with the medium used for extraction. We employ only food safe solvents like Hexane, Acetone, Ethanol, Methanol, Ethyl Acetate and water for extraction.

Our plant is designed to follow all the food safety norms. There are clearly specified routes for movement of man, materials, finished products and waste to avoid cross contamination at all stages

Flow of Process
Any raw material has to go for a specially designed pretreatment to obtain the maximum extraction. This includes steam distillation grinding , crushing,pelletising, palletizing, flaking , cutting etc. Our well designed process flow makes sure that the manual handling is only at the feed point . The Area is well covered and protected from any infestation .

Our extraction technology is a combination of our experience and wisdom in engineering, which can operate in PLC for certain raw materials which is highly sensitive to extraction. Each stage of movement of raw material flow is visible thru sight glasses and sampling from any point is possible. This helps us to monitor the process on a regular basis.

Our Batch modules are with 4 Mt to 4 kg process capacities which enable us to standardize any raw material process. Our pilot plants are capable of doing any trials on a smaller scale which is attached to RO systems, liquid -liquid extractions , bowl centrifuges , spray driers , RVD's etc.

Most of the active ingredients in the Oleoresins are temperature sensitive and we use Rising film and Falling film technologies to avoid the losses. Our state- of- the- art facility can guarantee a minimum loss to the sensitive pigments .

Higher vacuum in the system assures the process at a low temperature and this is the step where the maximum care is required to specifically attain the standard specifications and norms . Techniques of extractive distillation principles help us in attaining a lower values in Residual solvents.

Finishing and Blending
The crude Oleoresins have to go through different blending to attain the specifications . Our homogenizing equipments are world class and this ensures a homogenized blend . Packing is always in UN approved food grade materials .

Food safety
Our food safety programme includes control and elimination of possible Physical, Chemical and Biological Hazards . We use all possible tools of food safety management systems like HACCP , GAP, Quality supplier Programme Etc.

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Extraction Plant
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