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AVT Natural will now offer a cost-efficient supply chain

Chennai, India; London, UK 31 July 2012:

AVT Natural Products Limited, Cochin, India announced today that they have decided to start AVT Tea Services Limited, London (AVT TSL) as a wholly owned subsidiary to be based in London, UK. The details of the Subsidiary are being worked out and we expect the new unit to be operational by 1 October 2012. This subsidiary will allow AVT Natural to offer its decaffeinated tea and instant tea to its customers all over the world through the cost-efficient supply chain.

AVT Natural Products Limite
d is part of AV Thomas Group of Companies based in South India. AV Thomas Group has been growing tea in South India since 1925 and produces 10 million kgs of tea annually. AVT Natural specialises in extraction of natural products like marigold, spices and value-added teas. AVT Natural is the market leader in marigold extracts and has established a competitive manufacturing base for decaffeinated tea in India with experience of close to ten years.

AVT Natural also markets speciality spice oils and oleoresins. Armed with state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities and in-house analytical laboratory, AVT Natural has a processing facility with ISO 9001 – 2008, ISO 22000 – 2005, ISO 14000, FSSC 22000, Kosher Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certifications.

AVT TSL, London will enable AVT Natural to take their tea-based products—decaffeinated tea and instant tea—direct to the Industrial customers. Richard Darlington, a tea veteran with over thirty-two years of experience will head the AVT TSL operations as Managing Director. Richard brings to the table rich global tea sourcing expertise with in-depth knowledge of the market segments and customers.

“AVT TSL is a logical extension of AVT Natural’s proven competency in value-added beverages manufacturing in India,” says Ajit Thomas, Chairman of AVT Natural and AVT Group of Companies. “Adding AVT TSL to our marketing infrastructure reinforces our continued commitment to provide high and consistent quality to our customers at affordable prices. We are committed to follow the same stringent supply chain management, and good agricultural and manufacturing practices that are used to manufacture our tea products”, he adds.

“The new subsidiary of AVT Natural will offer a compelling value proposition to the customers by maximising supply chain efficiencies. Combining AVT Natural’s proven strengths in manufacturing over the past ten years with AVT TSL’s global sourcing competency and deeper understanding of ever-changing customer needs will provide the much needed unique value to customers”, says Richard Darlington, Managing Director of AVT TSL, London.
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