Kerala - the land of spices plays a significant role in the global spices market. Spices are important commercial crops from the point of view of both domestic consumption and export market.

Kerala is the first state to receive the monsoon showers each season, because of its proximity to the Arabian Sea - 118 inches of annual rainfall. The varying climates - from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate is further conducive for spice cultivation. Kerala spice trade dates back over three thousand years, and it is still among the world leaders in the production and export of spices .No country in the world produces as many kinds of spices as India with superior quality spices coming from Kerala. AVT Natural deals with a premium range of exotic spices that comes to you straight from Kerala, the spice haven of the world.

AVT Natural is located in the port city of Cochin, Kerala, India. Cochin is referred to as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea' or 'the Spice Capital of the World'. Having been strategically located in Cochin, which is the home of spices, AVT Natural has strategic advantage of proximity to the source of raw material and logistic advantage of  import, export facilities owing to the sea, air and rail transport modes being within its reach. Cochin Port will soon get upgraded to a trans-shipment terminal. This enables Cochin port to berth mother vessels here itself instead of the current practice of moving to Colombo or Singapore by feeder vessels for trans-shipment. The freight charges and time delay in shipments are expected to come down substantially in days to come.

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