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Core Strengths
Food Safety
At AVT Natural it is our zeal to offer food safe products consistently to our customer. Food safety measures are religiously followed at each and every step of our operations to deliver you products that are 100% food safe as per the international standards. To name a few are:
Food safety Programs  

  • Standard operating procedures for all process steps                                      
  • Color coded packing materials and labels for easy identification
  • Traceability from RM to FG and vice versa                           
  • Unusual occurrence & process upsets procedures           
  • Handling of customer complaints and non-conforming products                               
  • Foreign materials controls policy like glass, wood and metal       
  • Food Allergen Policy                      
  • Personal Hygiene Policies on Uniform, jewelry & visitors              
  • Induction & Refresher Training for all employees                             
  • Employee health check-up & return from illness policy  

Facility & Infrastructure                                                
Our facility & infra-structure ensures food safety for your products by.                                           

  • Dedicated warehouse for Raw Material, In process material, Finished Goods, Packing Material to prevent any cross contamination                  
  • Designated place to keep returned goods and damaged goods 
  • Designated Room to keep cleaning chemicals & pest control chemicals away from the processing area
  • Dedicated area to keep hazardous chemical and engineering spares       

Pest Control

  • Bait stations for rodent control                 
  • Pheromone traps and fumigation for insects Control      
  • Warehouse fumigation at regular intervals                          
  • Electric fly traps for fly control
  • Fogging in crack & crevices                                          

So with all these and much more to offer we are committed to satisfy your expectations time and again, to partner with our customers in attaining “Customer Delight”.

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Food Safety
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