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Extraction Plant
Pretreatment-Steam distillation for essential oil
Any raw material has to go for a specially designed pretreatment to obtain the maximum extraction. This includes grinding, crushing, flaking, cutting etc.

Spices with volatile oils are steam distilled prior to extraction to achieve maximum oil utilization.

Spice Cutter
A unique equipment used for increasing the surface area during the pretreatment of raw- materials that are fibrous in nature

Continuous Extraction Plant
Owns and operates one of the largest continuous extraction multi-solvent plant in the spice industry. This continuous extraction plant ensures consistent quality. Capacity - 15000 Mt of Marigold meal per annum and 6000 Mt Paprika Pericarp. We have commissioned a new continuous extraction plant for spices to enhance the capacity. This will enable us to fulfill the demand for decaffeination of tea also.

Batch extraction Plant
For multi product .Quick changeovers.
1000 Mt. for Black Pepper, Turmeric, Capsaicin, Ginger, Celery and other seed spices.

Pilot Plant
Two pilot plants are there which are extensively used for New Product scaling up process, Process validation etc. it also gives the required flexibility and speed for R&D work.

Value Addition
Enrichment Plant
The pungency of the Indian colour chilly is removed by the liquid centrifuge producing a sweeter paprika oleoresin comparable with that of the European variety. The centrifugal separator also helps to offer a sediment free product.

Ball Mill
The piperine in the Black Pepper Oleoresin tends to crystallize under temperate climatic conditions. This equipment helps to improve the flow ability of oleoresin black pepper and avoid crystallization of piperine even under very cold condition.

Blending tank
Depending on our customer requirement the product is finally blended to achieve uniformity among the batch and also to achieve the required product specification.

Finished Goods Warehouse

In-house Container Stuffing
Reduces handling and ensures food safety

Post Harvest Processing      Centers
Extraction Plant
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